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Frequently Asked Questions

Messages are audio recordings, normally about 20 seconds in length, that you can play when you place callers on hold, or even as a welcome greeting, menu prompt, after-hours recording or voicemail message.
On Hold Productions are the combinations of multiple messages, mixed together, to make up your On Hold audio. Most productions are usually around of 6-14 messages that come to roughly four minutes all up. We recommend you focus on a few topics at a time and change productions regularly to keep your audio fresh, your callers informed and your products/services promoted.
Definitely! We’ll simply swap your current on hold audio with our customised, professional script, recorded in our state-of-the-art onsite studios.
Absolutely. Just get in touch with us, and we’ll have chat about the marketing messages, promotions, and information you want to tell your callers while they hold the line.
We’re unable to upload customised On Hold Productions to a mobile or cell phone. However, we can script, record and produce a professional Voicemail message and upload that for you.
We have three packages to choose from: basic, standard and premium. The package for you will depend entirely on the types of callers you have, how you want to use your messages, what your phone system is and what sort of messages you require. We can also create a customised package – just get in touch to get started.
We start by sending you a free, customised demonstration to show off our talent, before deciding together on the best package to suit your operations. We connect you to your own Creative Coordinator who is your point of contact, and get started on brainstorming topics for your On Hold Production, IVRs, After-Hours, and Welcome and Voicemail messages. Our copywriters then create a script, and, after you’ve approved, we’ll record, mix and dispatch your production back to you! Finally, you simply upload the final production onto your phone system, and if you need assistance, we’re here!
We boast industry-leading turnaround times to get you your production in a flash! Scripting takes one business day from when you send us copy information, and once it’s all approved and you’re happy, we’ll have your final audio production ready within two business days.
That’s okay! Simply contact your Creative Coordinator and we’ll fast-track your production for you.
You can have as much or as little input into your script as you’d like! Our professional team of copywriters write messages for the ear, and create magic from your website/Facebook, bullet points you provide, company brochures or catalogues, newsletters, or email campaigns.
Of course! We boast a jukebox of over 2,000 royalty-free music tracks – and if that sounds like too much for your ears to take in, we’ll find the perfect sound for your brand and offer helpful suggestions. Our music is sure to keep your callers’ toes tapping, but there’s nothing quite like a warm, professional greeting and the ample marketing opportunities that come with On Hold.
Yes you will. We provide commercially designed equipment that is capable of running all day, all week, and all year long. A normal audio player is not designed with the same capability or functionality.
Regardless of what kind of phone system you use, you’ll receive our digital and state-of-the-art On Hold equipment which easily connects to your system. This equipment will make sure that your callers can hear your audio when they’re waiting. Our helpful support team is always ready to have a chat with you if you’re concerned about your system or file’s format. They’ll help you upload your audio without a glitch!
Just get in contact with us. After many years of experience dealing with phone systems, our expert team has seen it all. Regardless of what type of phone system you have, we’ll make sure it can play an On Hold Production.
You can listen to and choose the perfect Voice Talent for your production/project right here on our website. Or you can chat with us about what kind of voice you’re looking for and we’ll help you find the right artist to suit your business.
Our Translation Services covers every language. Simply let us know what language your current copy is in and tell us which language you’d like it translated into, and we’ll get a quote for your project. We also provide Voice Talent for all languages, so we can voice your scripts as well.
Absolutely. Speak to our team today to find out more about this premium service.
Name a project; we can help! Whether you need a voice-over for a TV ad, radio slot, corporate video or anything else, just let us know! Our speciality is professionally produced audio and we’re able to provide it for all types of projects. If you have a special request, have a chat with our team today and let us know.

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