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Your business places callers on hold, but have you taken the time to think about what your customers listen to and how it'll affect your business? Every time you press the hold button, you're creating an opportunity for your business and your customers.

Why choose Messages On Hold? With our in-house studio, extensive voice-talent library, thousands of music tracks and over 30 years’ experience, we’ve got you covered.

Any format. Any system. Anywhere.

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  • VOIP systems
  • PABX systems
  • Single-line systems

We’ve been in this business for decades, so we know all the ins and outs of phone systems. We don’t sell VoIP systems ourselves; however, we do produce premium audio content across all phone systems on the market.

Let us do all the running around for you!

Productions start with a script and end with a complete audio file that’s been tailored to the formatting requirements of your specific phone system. Can you imagine getting all that done on top of your usual business operations? Let the Messages On Hold team take care of every step...

  • Our professional copywriters create a clear, concise and delightful script that both entertains and informs your callers.
  • Our library of professional voice talent brings the script to life and gives your brand a voice.
  • And our studios record your voice and mix in our original, royalty-free music to make the production shine.

When it comes to writing for the ear, you really have to have an eye for it.

Compelling marketing messages start with compelling copy. Our creative copywriters have a knack for writing messages for the ear. From quirky to corporate, conversational to comic, we’ll script messages that will highlight the best in your business. Take advantage of your customer’s undivided attention and tell them about your company, products, services and promotions.

We’ll customise your On Hold Messages to engage your callers with your business before you’ve even spoken to them! Whatever the message you want to get across, our team of professional copywriters have the expertise to create telephone audio that will be on brand and in the mind of your clients, long after the call has ended.

  • Leave fuzzy, inaudible messages in the past – we’ll replace them with quality audio that sounds crisp and clear.
  • Whether you want formal, funny or something completely unique, we’ll write in a style that suits you.
  • On brand and on time – we have an unbelievable 24-hour turnaround on all scripts.
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From PABX, to VoIP, to everything in-between, Messages On Hold has the technical expertise to provide you with a perfect solution. If you have a technical question, or want to learn more about the power of on hold, contact us.

Experience the Messages On Hold difference

When we say we’ll take care of everything, we mean it! Not only will we script, voice, mix and distribute your production, we’ll also remind you when it’s time to update your messages, send you topic ideas and provide your own personal point of contact.

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