Audio Ads

Make sure your target audience hears you loud and clear!

With more and more smartphone users spending their time listening to audio content, digital audio advertising has become more important than ever. It can be difficult finding the right audience for your brand and business; audio ads offers the unique opportunity to combine a targeted audience with the effectiveness of audio. Connect with your audience through customised, professional audio ads. We’ll help you choose the voice, the tone and the words to ensure the right message gets heard by the right people.

Audio Ads

How we craft an audio ad.


There’s no need to get your tongue twisted. Our creative copywriters are here to put your ideas to paper. Whether you have a vague idea of what you’d like scripted, or you’d prefer for us to do all the work for you, we’ll craft the message you want with eloquence and perfection.


Bring your ad to life with the perfect voice to suit your brand. We have a variety of male and female voice talent of all ages for you to listen to. Plus we offer a number of languages and tones to ensure your ad reflects the way you want to sound. Check out our voice talent by clicking here.

Sound Effects

We’ll take your audio ad to the next level with a variety of exciting sound effects. Bring your ad to life and emphasise the message you’d like to get across with creative and colourful effects.


Whether you’re looking for calm and relaxed music, or vibrant and exciting tunes, our library of music tracks offers exclusive, royalty-free music to accompany your audio ad. Have a listen to our entire selection today.

Messages On Hold offers the full combination of scripting, voicing, sound effects and music services to ensure that your audio ad will cut through the noise and captivate your audience.

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