What Does a Producer Do

What Does a Producer Do?

Producers play a crucial role in recording sessions. They handle the technical aspects and collaborate closely with voice talent to ensure a flawless voice delivery.

The role of the producer is to understand and convey your instructions and preferences to the voice talent. They will offer the voice talent valuable tips and advice to enhance the overall performance.

Additionally, the producer can help manage session timing and ensure that audio recordings align with specific timecodes. Producers will take care of adjusting the pace and delivery of voice talent to maintain a seamless and correctly timed recording.

To Live Direct or Not To Live Direct?

Regardless of the type of audio you're working on - be it on hold productions, radio or TV ads, podcasts, audiobooks, public announcements, dramatic works, or even Instagram Reels or TikTok audio - having live direction can greatly enhance its quality. Simply tell us your vision and we'll work together to turn it into reality!

If you have confidence in the talent's ability to deliver the desired final product or if you can provide detailed reference material and written direction, a live directed session may not be essential. Rest assured, we’re here to assist you every step of the way, so feel free to reach out to us for more information, and together, we’ll determine exactly what you need.

To Live Direct or Not To Live Direct

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